Developer - Shaun Southern
Publisher - Gremlin Graphics
Format - C16/C64
Released - 1985/1986?

No-one seems to realize it, but this was based on another arcade game which I can't remember which was viewed side-on where this character ran onto certain squares and jumped, etc, It had skateboards and coke-cans. Anyway, everyone loved this, but the public, not wanting to identify with a bouncing football, didn't. Within the next few months we saw loads of 'clones' of the game.

(Commodore Computing - 5/5) Any C-16 owner found without it will be laughed out of town.

(Commodore User - 9/10) - Trailblazer is absolutely amazing, colourful and extremely fast scrolling.

(Zzap 64 - 93%) - An excellent variation on the race game theme.

(Your C64 - 10/10) - Full speed ahead to your local computer shop and buy a copy.

(Computer Gamer - 18/20) - This deserves to be the biggest blockbuster of 1986.

(C.C.I.) - Oscar award - Arcade game of the year.