Developer - Shaun Southern
Publisher - Mastertronics
Format - C16/C64
Released - 1986/1987?

P.O.D. stood for Proof of Destruction, and I was told that it was like Gridrunner, altough I had never seen it. It was more like centipede, because although you were on a grid, when you shot the nasties, they blew holes in the grid and changed course, sometimes blocking you. A fast and furious shoot-em-up. Lots of swirling colours on the C64 verswion which actually made you sick. I did a version for the free/hidden game in Lotus 3 and it was subsequently released on a coverdisk for the Amiga. I liked this one.

(CCI - 5/5) - Best value shoot-em-up game of the year so far.

(Zzap 64 - 84%) - A wonderful little shoot-em-up , highly polished and very playable.