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Developer - Magnetic Fields
Publisher - Gremlin Graphics
Format - Amiga/Atari ST
Released - Oct 1991


(Amiga Power - 87%) - Gorgeous graphics, lashings of speed and that hard to capture real driving atmosphere.

(The One - 91%) - This is easily the best 3D road driving game on the market and highly recommended whether you're a Lotus fan or not.

(Amiga Format - 89%) - Large, fast moving and colourful graphics make this one of the better looking race games available.

(Gamer - 91%) - A highly addictive standalone product and not just a rehash cash-in sequel. Well worth the money.

(Games X - 95%) - At the moment there can be no denying that this is the ultimate driving game available for a home computer.

(Amiga Action - 95%) - Without a doubt, Lotus 2 is the best racing game that has ever been seen on the Amiga . Buy it now.


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