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Developer - Magnetic Fields
Publisher - Gremlin Graphics
Format - Amiga/Atari ST
Released - Oct 1990

(The One - 89%) - A slick , technically impressive package. One of the best driving games of the year.

(Your Amiga - 92 %) - What can I say other than a classic has been born.

(Amiga Fun - 87 %) - Plug yourself into the hottest driving sensation around.

(Atari ST User - 94%) - Lotus can be summed up in one word: brilliant.

(Zero - 90%) - Destined to become the new lap leader in straight-forward, no-nonsense racing games.

(C+VG - 94%) - Challenging gameplay ( especially with two players) and astounding audio-visuals combine to make Lotus Esprit Challenge a brilliant game and one that demands immediate purchase.

(ACE - 87.5%) - Lotus Turbo Esprit is a good example of what a slickly programmed arcade game can be. Highly recommended.

(ST Action - 90%) - Gremlin have produced a high quality game that will be well received by everyone.

(Amiga Format - 89%) - It's a race game that leaves allcomers trailing in its tyre smoke.

(Amiga Action - 88%) - The gameplay is amazing and from the second you pick up the joystick you'll be playing the game non-stop.

(Raze - 94%) - The graphics set a new precedent in race games.


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